Thursday, April 28, 2016

All Good Things.



Deep Freeze.



I suppose the easiest way to say this, and cutting immediately to the chase, is that 'Youth' is no more.

Not necessarily dead, but definitely gone.  I never would rule going back to the well, but as of now, we're done.

Evan and I went out to eat in December and had a very frank discussion:  Youth #3, while a really fun issue, was not going the way we wanted it to.  It was taking a while to get past page 3 in terms of art, and the daunting task of finding someone to ink, color and letter the book seemed a little too much for us.

Keep in mind, Evan and I had just finished delivering the Act 1 Graphic Novel, which had taken up the last 18 months of our lives, creatively.  Not to mention, easily one of the most tumultuous 18 months of our lives, with family, friend and general issues abound.  It's too much to go into, but needless to say, we've been through a lot since we started this book.

We're sad we can't finish it for you guys.  We had some cool stuff in store for you, but sometimes you just have to give up the ghost, and kill your darlings.

We'll miss Jim, Stacy and Louis.  Maybe we'll find a way to see them again down the road.  But for now, we leave Aurora High and the small town the way we left it: shrouded in mystery.


As for us, Evan and I are still friends.  We'd still like to create stuff together.  It just isn't the right time.

At some point, our other hideous love child, 'Stalkings'...I've let the webpage lapse, because quite frankly, we don't have anything to update.  Evan and I mutually agreed that we'd finish the story and actually print it.  So, at some point in the future, we'll have a limited print run of our once-weekly web comic.

And what of this place?  Well, I think i'll convert it to a personal blog, charting my general movements through the world, mainly focused on comics and where that takes me.

I have a few books in the works, and you'll be hearing from me soon in terms of things I wrote that you can see.  In the meantime, if you'd like any of the remaining issues of Youth #1 or #2, we have them available and I will gladly mail them to you until we run out.

Thanks for sticking with us for the time.  Look forward to great stuff from both Evan and I.

Until next time, friends...We'll always have Aurora.

-Alex (&Evan)