Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PRINTING!! and...

My Friends-

We've sent it off to the printers.  Yes, "Youth" Issue #1 is off to the printers and will be back just in time for Evan and I to storm WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim!  

NYE 2012...We had just started rewriting the series.
Important info for the Con (March 29th-31st):

-We'll be there all three days (Fri-Sun)
-Our letterer, Manny Hernandez, will be there on Sunday with his own table, so go hang out with him and say hi because he's a sweetheart with a hand of gold. Find his stuff at:
-Evan and I will be all over twitter and facebook so we'll keep everyone (who cares) informed of our whereabouts throughout the day. (I'm @alexdandino).
-We will have copies of Issue #1 with us for sale for $5.
-We will thank you and hug you free of charge, obviously.

That is all the basic info for us at the Con.  We'll obviously be roaming around checking stuff out and admiring everyone's work as well as watching for what I hear is some insane cosplay.  Can't get enough of that.  It's like real life action figures.

Look for this at WonderCon!
(c) Evan Peter 2013
For those of you guys we need to mail to, our printers do online ordering...but we're not quite sure how it works yet.  So, hold tight, and we'll let you know soon how to purchase through them so you can get a copy in your hands.

Now, we've got the first issue on it's way and you're saying, "That took a long time guys...but it's great.  Worth the wait..." (Right?)..."Where's Issue #2 at?"

I turned in my final draft for Issue #2 a week ago, and Evan is already in the midst of drawing.  Hopefully we can get this issue out to you guy's quickly so you won't have much lag time between issues.  It's a fun issue, and gives you guys a little more insight into our world...and I love these first two issues, I do...

But Issue was the one we least mapped out and I realize now the reason for that was because it's SOOO much better than what we originally came up with.  I'm probably excited about it because we're working on it now and I have all these ideas, but...I think Issue #3 will be the punch you guys are looking for after 1 and 2.

To put it in context...Evan and I found that working on the overall story together and the arcs for the 1st series helped us determine visuals a lot easier and the big twists and turns we needed.  So we'd sit in a room, eat shitty food (Except that time Evan's mom made ribs...just awesome), and hammer out plot details and toss lines out here and there.  It was good because it allowed us to explore the avenues we could go, and then hone in on the main story thread.  It was great.

For absolutely no apparent reason, despite every issue having copious notes and inserts and whatnot...Issue #3 was relatively barren.  We just had "Homecoming".  Literally, the word "homecoming" written under the heading.

Now this seems like a long explanation for this, but I write better when I have a title in mind.  It helps me put a theme to stuff, and also influences the music I listen to when I write.  So, I took a cue from my favorite canadian teen melodrama, "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (Sorry, OG Degrassi), which is why Issue #1 is called, "Derivative Opener" which is a song by one of my favorite bands in high school, Fairweather(@fairweatherDC).  It was an opening track title I liked, lyrically it hit me, and I thought, "well, this is a nice little joke that works for me."  It informs the whole series, much like a 1st track informs the rest of a record.  Issue #2 is titled, "Everything in it's Right Place", which if you've been living under a rock, is by Radiohead.  The title, for me, says a lot about the issue and again, the lyrics made sense for what I was writing, which from my perspective is about settling into this new and uncomfortable concept of the unknowable (My take.)

Issue #3 wasn't going to be called "Homecoming" or "Teenage Dream" because 1) I wouldn't be able to look at myself or the issue without laughing and 2) That's not what the third issue (at this point) is about.  I'll explain more after Issue #2 is out, but #3 is currently titled, "Logan to Government Center", which is a song by Brand New.  The title has less to do with the overall theme of the issue...the lyrics, however, are very different and actually have a great deal to do with the issue.  It'll all become clearer...I promise.  but I mean, I gotta tease you guys a little bit, right?

Excited to see and hear what you guys think.  if you have questions/comments/wanna say hi...what have you, you can now e-mail us at

We'll see you all soon!

-Alex (& Evan)

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