Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Issue #2 Teaser/Youth-iverse Updates

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all well.  Sorry, we've been away, but we've been doing stuff!

Evan has been going to town on issue #2, trying to get it prepped for lettering by Manny and I've been working on Issue #3, cleaning up my first draft, and prepping my Illustrator draft.  I sent it to Evan and this was his response after reading through it:

My years in college spent studying writing: validated.
So...that should give you a taste of what's to come in #3.  We're working hard over here.  How are you guys?  It's been a crazy few weeks for us.  Stories?  We got 'em.  here goes:

-We completely sold out of our first pressing.  We printed 60 issues, and burned through them in under a month.  Floored.  We had to go buy new issues.  So, we're all set for the 2nd pressing, no worries.  If you're still looking for one, that's fine, we've got the PayPal set up, and we're both carrying those "Squares" that run credit cards.  So, let us know if you want an issue or anything and we shall provide.  We aim to please. Thank you for your continued support.

-This week we are submitting to Image Comics, Dynamite and Dark Horse.  Keep your fingers crossed they like us, and want "Youth" so you can start seeing it in your local comic shops!

-Speaking of that, we sold our first issues to a retailer, which was pretty cool.  If you find yourself in West LA, near Fairfax and Pico, go check out Paper or Plastik Cafe (  They bought four issues, and according to their employees who keep an eye out on that stuff for us (i.e My wife, Andrea), there's only two left.  Guys, this is how the book gets bigger.  Go to your shops and ask for Youth #1.  If you give them our info, they'll order, and we get the word out.  This gets bigger and bigger and soon, we're doing this full time and blasting out issues as fast as you can read them.  So, thanks to our friends at PoP for their support.  Also, apparently famous people go to the cafe so...people watching.  Boom.  Done.  You're welcome.  I saw Gunn from "Angel" in there one time so...that's pretty much a selling point right there.

-WONDERCON was so much fun!  We met some crazy great artists, hung out with Manny, saw the twin towers of Gotham, Scott Snyder and James Tynion speak at the Batman panel, saw Ivy Doomkitty dressed as Jessica Rabbit, and reaffirmed my distaste for every single Star Trek panel at every Con ever.  Trekkie friends, do they ever ask anything other than, "if you could redo the series, how would you make it better?"  Ugh...that's gotta be frustrating, and I totally DIG Star Trek!
The Marvel Universe...with like, 30 Gambits.
Keep in mind, those Nikes are CRAZY expensive.
If there's one time for Evan
to pay for an overpriced autograph...
it's this one.  Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner.

So yeah...good times.  Leading up...
-Youth Release Party!  Good time.  We sold a bunch of issues, and some posters.  Evan and I were wondering...would you guys be interested in buying the posters we have?  Let us know and we'll start putting them up for sale on the PayPal site.  More pictures below:
The real life Jim.

What was so great about the party is it really let us know that people were really interested in the story we were telling, and that's, all along, what we've been wondering.

Signing posters and comics.  Drinking Beer.  It's the con that should always happen.

My wife and her friend, Gina, served up drinks and then forced us to give speeches, but it was a great time.  Evan and I are really lucky that my wife forces us to be out there with what we do, so for that...well, I'm sure we'll owe her money some day.  how did she get Gina to do this?  Amazing.  She's amazing.  Sorry, had to gloat real wife is totally cool.'s been busy.  All that and I just finished directing a play I wrote.  Crazy days.  But anyways...last but absolutely 100% never promised...Here's a teaser for Issue #2.  Thanks and we'll see you soon!

It's gonna get good!

-Alex & Evan

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