Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Past, Present, Future Tense

For anyone reading this....

Welcome to the blog for the comics series, "Youth".  This is a new experience for both of us, so we'll try to keep you updated as much as possible.  We're really excited to get an issue in your hands and see what you all think, but for now, we'll just blog about our experiences putting out a comic on our own, this comic.

In case you're curious...About two years ago, Evan approached me to write a mini for him while he was still at the Kubert School in Jersey, the assignment being to draw from someone's else's script.  So I obliged, and wrote the first six pages of what you will see soon as Issue #1 of "Youth"...and the rest is pretty much history.

In the Present...Evan is hard at work on drawing, inking and coloring Issue #1 and we plan to have it in your hands by early summer.  I've just finished up a draft for Issue #2 while Evan and I have been hashing out the story arcs for the rest of the first series, and should be starting rewrites on #2 any day now.

Ultimately, the most important thing for us is getting it out to you.  But we want you kind of involved...that way if we hit you up for money later, it'll be less awkward...then it is right now writing that...

So, we'll give you updates as they come.  We'll throw in some sketches, pictures of the issue as they come up, maybe even some photos of us during our late-night, all-nude writing/drawing marathons! (That never happens.)  We'll keep you guys up to date on what we're doing to promote too.  We're going to try to get down to WonderCon this year (March 16-18) and then perhaps even the great Comic-Con of San Diego, but we'll see.  In the meantime we'll keep working and hope to get a few of you interested in what we're doing.  IN closing, here's a basic synopsis for "Youth", a book about what to do when extraordinary is sort of not your thing....

Teenagers with superpowers.  It's something we've seen before, something we'll see again.  But these kids are always finding themselves in amazing places, filled with criminal activity.  But...what about the other ones?  The kid with the power to leap tall buildings in a single bound...who lives in Davenport, Iowa?  When you don't have supervillains looking to take you out, what's left?  Kiss the girl, Ace the test, go to bed.  "Youth"  is about the other super powered teens: They're not trying to save the world...just trying to survive it.

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