Monday, February 6, 2012

First Promo Image and some Ramblings

Hey Guys-

Well, we at least made it to a 2nd blog post.  Evan and I are proud to unveil the first of a few different bits of promo art for "Youth".  Here it is...

(c) Evan Peter 2012

Pretty sweet, right?  Quick, to the point.  Hope you guys dig it.  If you read the mini, you'll recognize the three characters.  If not:

Stacy:  The strong girl.

Jim:  The flying guy.

Louis: The guy going through the kid with the ball.

All will obviously be explained.  Here's the first page of that explanation!

But, in Youth-iverse news. Evan and I have mapped out the entire first ten issues for the series.  It's going to be a lot of fun, I think.  I hope you guys like it.  There's a lot of charm and wit in what we've got in store for you guys.  I've got two issues down, writing wise, and now I'm cleaning up out overall arc and figuring out exactly what's going on in issue #3.

Funny thing about Issue 3 is when we started mapping out the story, Issue 3 was glossed over for some reason.  We have the basic plot points and such, but it was far less fleshed out than the other issues.  Whereas we'd devoted entire pages to Issues 7 and 8, really getting to every single plot and how we were going to move through the story, #3 has, on my computer as I type this and look at it...3 plot points, in single sentence framing, to cover.  So, that will be what I'm working on in the coming weeks, fleshing out those ideas and getting details down on paper.

Speaking of what we're doing, have you guys seen 'Chronicle' yet?  If not, go check it out.  Seriously, one of the best movies I've seen this past year.  Evan and I cringed at some points because we feared that the plot of the film would almost come too close to what we're doing with "Youth", but luckily, where Max Landis veered, as did we the other way.  But it's not bad to know that we're on the right track, right?  That there are other like-minded cats out there?  Anyways, it's a fun flick.  Go check it out for sure.

That about wraps it up for this one.  We'll check back in as the other promo images emerge.  Again, if you guys have questions or anything, ask away!  We'll answer as they come in the blog posts here.  Check us out on Facebook too (unless you got here from already know that.)

Talk to you guys soon.


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